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DT250 Tracker
« on: Oct 16, 2017, 08:29:40 »
Time for a new project.
I brought this DT250 a few months ago and have had it in the shed while I finished my GT185 cafe racer.
Looks like it is a 1974 DT250A. Picked it up for $650 which is probably a too much for what I ended up with. Anyhow, its pretty complete, the engine turns over & has spark.

I want to turn this into a tracker, as per the reference image. A bare bones bike with nothing on it that it doesn't need. Will be road registered and I plan to ride it regularly.

The current plan-
Must handle well, stop well and be fun to ride
Must look the part
Front end swap with disc brake and better forks
19" wheels
Change from 6v to 12v
Tracker seat
Powder coat frame
Polish and paint
Smell that? 2 stroke...

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