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sigma racing jet kit
« on: Mar 30, 2016, 00:28:16 »
Hello all. Just a heads up with my experience with sigma racing. I bought a jet kit from them via ebay for a 2015 honda cb 125e. The jet kit I bought was advertised for this particular bike (the "e" is an australian model). It was $57 US. I knew there wouldn't be much in the kit and that I was basically paying for their (supposed) research and expertise.

What arrived were poorly copied generic instructions (or the correct instructions for the jet kit and whatever carb it was meant for, but not my carb) a main jet and a slow jet, a few washers, drill bit. The jets were the wrong type for my bike - they were made for a different carb altogether. I pointed this out to Sigma racing, with detailed picture. Their response was that Honda probably made an undocumented change. Honda haven't made any changes to this bike since it went on sale in Australia in 2012.

I suspect they had a kit for some other honda 125 and just assumed it was the same. The instructions actually had a picture of a cbr 125r.

They said they'd send a new kit - after 2 or 3 weeks I used the usps tracking # and found that it had been turned back by Canadian Customs for an undisclosed problem. Again, I live in Australia; but maybe that's how usps works? Parcels go through Canadian customs on their way to Australia?

2 weeks since and nothing. I've asked for a refund and now they are playing dumb, saying they have no record of my order.

Unfortunately I kept the kit for a month or so before trying to use it, so I no longer have the ebay system to redress this.

Just as side note, years ago I bought kits from dynotune for a suzuki dr650 and a drz400e - these were much better kits with specific information and carb specific pictures. Dynotune do their homework. A recent look at dynotune instructions (available online) show the quality is still there.

An update: about April 3rd 2016 I received two more jets from sigma - I take back all hints that they might be totally bad. The jets they sent will fit (correct type of jets), but they are a 120 and a 125. Again, original is a 108 and I guess I'll be using a 112 or a 115 (still waiting on those from other sources).
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