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Nannos Hotrod Turbo TR1.1 (XV1000)
« on: Dec 31, 2016, 19:16:26 »
I've promised, I open a thread on my turbo and it's probably one of the last things I'll do in 2016, but hey... rather late than never, right?

Well to be honest, the whole story started about two years ago, when I "bought" the bike for a crate of beer. Mainly because the engine was seized (the p.o. had pulled the carbs and then part of the roof of his workshop collapsed) and well... just check out the pictures, which make the bike look A LOT nicer than it actually was. Lots of parts simply turned into dust at the lightest touch.

Technical specs of this one:

XV1100 crank to bring it up to 1063cc
Stock XV1100 heads with polished valves and slightly ported (just taken off the casting imperfections really)
modified TR1-clutch or maybe a modified XV1100 clutch (that would allow an extra 9th disk)

There's actually two turbo setups you can see in the pics and a third one to be built soon.

1) The blow-through-setup consists of stock XV1100 Mikuni carbs (because they have very heavy slides and external floatchamber vents), a TD04-13G turbo (out of a Subbie Forester), Intercooler out of a Ford Focus Turbo Diesel, fuel pump BMW 528i E39, fuel pressure regulator: a cheap one made out of Chinesium - I've never quite finished this setup due to some issues with the TD04, but quite a large portion of it will be used for the new setup with a GT1548

2) A rather butch and simple draw-through setup with a Chinese Garrett T3 copy and a Mikuni VM44 on a 2in1-manifold. There's absolutely nothing fancy about this setup, but it worked until a bearing failure stopped the turbo dead.

So here we go:

Then I had some flanges cut for the first turbo-setup:

And this is pretty much, where the build for the first version of the turbo setup ended:

Then I started on the draw-through setup:

And that's the headers sorted:

Clocked the turbo and took off some measurments:

Used an old brake-line to work out the correct length: (35cm)

Getting the rear header right:

The finished product (admittedly the front-downtube is only tacked at that point, as I ran out of time)

And that's what she looked like in the end:

And there she's runnin':

Now you have to be patient with me as I am currently building a new sidecar for me (XS750 with a KMZ/Dnepr K750 sidecar) and well, I can't "just" build a sidecar... (and I am way behind schedule, but that's how life goes!)

I admit I've left out some bits and those can be found on my blog in the following posts (as I said, this has been going on for two years, even though only a fraction of the time was spent on building the turbo setups, but I mainly used the bike for building exhausts for my own and other TR1s/XV750ies) ... art-1.html ... bling.html ... g-out.html ... er-of.html ... s-are.html ... alves.html

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Re: Nannos Hotrod Turbo TR1.1 (XV1000)
« Reply #1 on: Jan 22, 2017, 06:08:17 »
Thx to Beachcomber for reminding me of the existance of CT20 turbos (and the fact that some of them in fact truly ARE carbon sealed, I had a little poke around the mighty bay of "e" and guess what - I found an early CT20 turbo in good nick for the right price. The whole thing isn't gonna be quite as straight-forward as I hoped initially as you can't clock CT20 turbos and feed and drain are on the same side. Those aren't real show stopper, but it means a little obstacle that I will be forced to work around.
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