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CB125s 6v to 12v Conversion
« on: Mar 17, 2017, 01:22:39 »
6v to 12v Problems
Okay guys, first response here. I am a newbie and have tinkered on a 75 cb125s for the past year. It has run fairly well but never great and I am finally trying to get it strong.
Two days ago I dove into the 6v to 12v conversion and have come up with a slew of weird problems.
So far I have added: 12v LED blinkers, 12v LED headlight, 12v LED Flasher Module and a 12v battery. I have a new rectifier (from radio shack) but have yet to add it until I can figure out my current problems.

1. Blinkers dont blink - When I hit my blinkers (either left or right) all my blinkers light but do not blink. My 6v blinker confirmation does not light at all.

2. Only left blinkers blink - After I started tinkering with the blinker confirmation light in the speedometer I decided, randomly, to test the ground and touch the sides of the bulb socket to the side of the speedometer. When I do this my left blinkers work great AND my confirmation light starts working! BUT... when i try my right blinkers they work as well but headlight starts blinking as well!?!

3. Blowing my main fuse - after playing around with option 2 my fuse started blowing. Is 15amps too small a fuse for this conversion?

Any thoughts?

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Re: CB125s 6v to 12v Conversion
« Reply #1 on: Mar 17, 2017, 12:09:58 »
Sounds like all three issues might be related. Something is definitely hooked up incorrectly. Sounds like maybe some of the lights aren't grounded and maybe the headlight is plugged into your turn signal wires? I'd go through all the connections for your front controls and in the headlight bucket to make sure you don't have any different color wires plugged into one another. All of the wires should only be plugged into wires of the same color.

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