Author Topic: 1985 Honda Shadow - Fuel pump to gravity feed.. will it work?  (Read 511 times)

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Hi Community,

I'm wondering about my 1985 Shadow cafe project and the fuel system. The original 85' Shadow 700 had a fuel pump, but I elected to change to gravity feed system. Am I setting myself up for issues here?

1) I am using a Benelli Mojave gas tank, which has 2 cockpits on both sides of the tank. So how do I go from a 1 to 1 fuel system the way it was before. To a 2 to 1 system which is gravity feed?  Will I need a "T" connector to sent the fuel to the carbs?

2) Anyone feel like i need to add a pump to this system? 

Any help is appreciated.


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It's not that simple.  Not complicated but more tricky than you might imagine. 

Carbs set up to work with a fuel pump typically have very small needle and seat assemblies - often #1.5 because the fuel pressure is much higher than gravity feed. Needle and seat for a gravity feed is typically at least #2.5 and often #3.0 or even #3.5 to get enough fuel into the carbs with so little pressure.

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Single carb for a 700 woukd probably need a 3.0 valve. Good part is the needle can be reused since it will be worn on another spot with the smaller valve.