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Cb250 rs tracker
« on: Mar 15, 2016, 07:24:56 »

I'm new to forum and was looking for some advice/help. I'm looking at getting a 1981 cb250 rs and make it into a tracker. I know these bikes ain't gonna have big power but as this will be my first project I don't want to be shelling out a lot of cash in case I don't finsin it. So has anyone done one of these and know if there is any problems and also what is the bike like in general.


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Re: Cb250 rs tracker
« Reply #1 on: Mar 15, 2016, 11:02:25 »
Although I have no direct experience of the 250RS I can state you should buy the best bike you can afford, running with title and roadworthy. Then ride it. Honda's, if services properly, are mostly bullet proof, especially the small capacity models...and the 250 is twice a good as the 125 haha,

Once you have gotten some miles on it you can then make modifications as you go, nothing too involved (or you just might not finish it!!??) so you can keep riding it. That's a sure fire way to keep your interest up, as you sound like a novice to this game. Taking it down for too long could see you lose interest as you've taken on too much from the get go....keep riding it.

Get yourself a decent starter tool kit and a manual, read this in bed and get to know how it all works. Learn how to service it, learn how to change small parts such as brakes, cables, chain, battery, shocks...figure how to take the wheels off etc. Keep it running, keep riding.

Did I mention keep riding it? Have fun with it, then you'll know what you want/need to do to it and benefit from any changes or modifications you do to it as you go. Avoid a basket case or non runner (unless you have someone who know come along with you). Save up and buy the best you can find as a complete stock runner. Avoid someone else's stripped down project it'll be fucked for sure.

Enjoy your new found hobby....and ride.