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Cb650z 1979 build, Leeds, UK

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Hello, new to the forum and still trying to work my way round it but there seems like plenty of info. Iíve bought myself a cb650z which ran a bit rough which it turns out was from being dropped on its side and causing irreparable damage to the No1 carb. Managed to get hold of some Cb750 carbs and got some fluoro linedsilicone tubing to use as the inlet rubbers. Iím thinking matt black with some brown cafe racer/brat mix. Already cut the frame and put on a seat loop I managed to make fit the seat I ordered just got to have a go at continuing the support bracket from the frame onto the seat loop (first time welder) then tick away at everything else. any hints/tips are welcome

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Welcome to the site!  Glad you found your way around.  There's a decent search function that should help you find some answers to questions as well.

The brown seat / black paintwork will look awesome - classic combo.  Are you going to paint the Comstars?

Thanks! Iím trying to make that very decision today! I did drop the wheels off at a powder coater but he was concerned because of all the small gaps the powder will stretch in some places and not others and leave a not so great looking finish. Now my choice is taking them to a local vinyl wrapping company (which I plan on using for the fuel tank anyway) and seeing what they think they can do or searching for some spoked wheels which seems a pretty common option although Iíd have to do some research on sizes I need and if it was available in matt black

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I've had Comstars powder coated in the past without any issues. If your powder coating man is not 100% happy - then that's your choice.

Regarding "cracks and crevices"  - I've had maybe 4 sets of wire spoked wheels powder coated - all 100%.

On the other hand - wire spoked wheels do it for me !  ;D

Iím still very undecided! Took the wheels to a wrapping company today and they donít do wheels apparently I think Iím going to just spray them up myself and give them a season, if I decide I donít like them Iíll get myself some spoked wheels.

Just dismantled the instrument cluster to create 1 good speedo and that will be my only gauge, Iím going to make a bracket to attach it and get some LED lights from maplin to use as the indicator, oil pressure and high beam lights.

My next dilemma is what to do with the section of the support on the frame I cut in half for the seam loop, Iím thinking just weld some  flat sheet onto it and paint it but Iím not sure if it will look strange, potentially I could put indicators in either side but I already have an all in one rear light with indicators

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1979 Honda Cb650z cafe/brat


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