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Re: Ace 50 Slowverland trip. QLD > SA
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Ram mount is gold, the 50cc has a hell of a lot of vibration at high speed (thats 55-> 65kph) and the phone hasn't budged to date. When i first started using it i used the retainer, but i haven't found any reason to lately. It is well built tho as in when i use it it clears the camera lens on my phone so i can record if i wanted to. If I was going on a real rough road I would but yeah as i said it hasn't moved. I saw those knockoffs but someone vouched for the rammount. I will be buying the other ball mount tho the one that threads into the original mirror hole, I'm just not sure of the thread size and pitch at the moment.

I was thinking about getting a usb charger, but I wasn't sure how much power (Amps) a 50cc bike can put out, and didn't want it to cause me issues on the initial long ride. Might look into it later.
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