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Electronic relay winker (flasher)
« on: Dec 10, 2017, 23:27:14 »
I just wanted to post my experience with upgrading my stock turn signal relay unit with an electronic relay purchased from 4into1 on my new '72 CL175.  The reason for the replacement was that the left side was flashing slow and the right side was not flashing at all.  Just coming on solid glow.  As you know this is a very common problem in the old bikes.  Another reason is that the stock relay draws a lot of power from the system compared to the electronic one.  With the antiquated charging system on the CL175, I'd like to minimize draw where I can.  I discovered my relay right under my seat, near the positive battery terminal.  Just removed the bracket bolt with a 10 mm socket and pulled out the two spade connectors from the old unit and pushed them on the new unit.  The new one is circular whereas the old one was rectangular, so I was not able to use the stock bracket.  I made a new bracket for it out of a strip of stainless steel I had laying around to keep it from bouncing around in the frame..  I'm always happy to find a reasonably elegant solution using junk that I have lying around in the shed!

Anyways, the new blinker works great... or should I say winker.  Funny word that winker, and more accurate actually than the word blinker in describing a turn signal.  "Blinker" I would say is a word better used for hazard lights if you want to be perfectly logical.  However, if you ever get in a fender bender and you tell the cop "hey, I was using my winker!" you would probably going into the back of the squad car shortly.  At least in the USA.  I don't know about the UK.  ;D