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New Member in England
« on: Jan 07, 2018, 12:30:04 »
Hi Guys. Just a quick intro from here in England. I have a CB360G which I've been happily riding around all Summer in an "as found" condition.

Actually: it was a pile of pieces in a garage but I assemble it, took it for its Test and it passed. I may have been a bit enthusiastic on the journey home from the testing station and so now - as I finally get around to a compression test I find 80psi (which I thought was OK until I checked to find it should be around 170) and 40psi on the other.

Classic old Honda's like this dont come cheap here in the UK, and I'd hoped it would remain a fairly low budget bike. I dont mind riding it around in its current rough and ready state. Parts prices are bonkers and a lot of it has to come from the US.

I built a little CD200 a couple of years back and I suppose I'm now looking to do the same with this; though this is my first attenpt at stripping an engine.

I'm already impressed with the wealth of knowledge on this forum and I look forward to checking in from time to time with a few updates and in search of advice.


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Re: New Member in England
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I've done a couple of simple mods since getting it home. I ditched the indicators and rear mudguard, then fabricated a new light bracket and fitted a BSA style tail light (in line with my other little Honda). I'll have a go at posting pictures when I can find them.