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Bantam frame / V5 wanted - cheap

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Hi guys,

I need an early Bantam fame - to be more precise the headstock and downtube [ and V5  ;)] !

Therefore a crashed / rotted out frame will do. Plan B is that I will have to get a headstock machined up for my Bordtracker project !

stroker crazy:
At last some one has found a use for a Bantam!

(they're too light for a boat anchor!

Crazy (onetime Bantam owner)

Now pretty desperate !!! Ideally I need the headstock and a foot or so of the two frame tubes - top and engine pick up.

A damaged / rusted frame is OK  ;)

Have you tried the British Bantam-Racing club? They'd definitely have a frame or two and even more likely some surplus papers.

Thanx Greg, I'll go on their forum later - they've probably got 1 or 2 wrecked ones !


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