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Cafe Racers / Re: 1976 CB550F "Barn Find"
« Last post by teazer on Today at 02:05:44 »
The light should come on as the points open and should go off when the points close again.  If it is staying on, that suggests that the set of points is not closing or is not making a good connection.  Try cleaning the points and make sure the ground wire from engine to frame is not on a painted part and is actually making a complete connection.

Loungin at da club / Re: unintentional environmentalists?
« Last post by doc_rot on Today at 02:04:24 »
Ehhh, vintage motorcycles are terrible polluters compared with modern bikes. My kz1000 ain't passing no emissions test that's for sure
Loungin at da club / Re: unintentional environmentalists?
« Last post by Tim on Today at 01:15:46 »
Reduce reuse recycle.

Reduced new bikes being made
Reused old parts
Recycled scrap metal from the leftovers

We’re environmental gods.
So. Much. Want.

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Shit.  That place is near me and I never knew it existed.  May have to swing by there sometime.
Cafe Racers / Re: 1983 Kawasaki GPZ 550
« Last post by Coopacoopacoopa on Today at 01:04:34 »
I feel like you might already know this, but if there isn't a conversion bearing option you might be able to go the route of pressing the gpz steering stem in zx10r lower triple tree. My kz750r1 is using a zx9r upper and lower yokes with a kz steering stem. If the zx10r steering stem is smaller than the gpz stem, you're in business. Vice versa with those dimensions would make things a little trickier. 
SELLING / Re: CB 360 project parts
« Last post by ceregy on Today at 00:50:59 »
It is a set of carbs
Race Ready / Re: Farm boy’s Rattle-can Racer
« Last post by johnu on Today at 00:30:59 »
*and with only 10 years of practice you can too!

John, you tease haha. Gotta be my favorite build thread here.
Those pipes are a work of art!

I know mine won’t look good, they just need to pass my 20/20 test.
Look good from 20 feet, and last for 20h.
They’re going to be hidden by the fairing/belly pan anyway so the back end it all that counts, and i can always stick weld it.

Haha stick sounds like fun on 20 gauge ;D
Loungin at da club / unintentional environmentalists?
« Last post by Rat_ranger on Today at 00:22:53 »
So if you think about it, building custom bikes or cars at home recycles a bunch of parts.  My current bike has parts from 9 or 10 different vehicles.

 Do you guys agree, or think I've lost my mind?
Wait -- you purchased it from the original owner? How does that then make it a one owner bike? Just picking nits.

That being said, nice looking bike, good luck.
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