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Bob and Chop / Re: CB750 No Plunger Hellride
« Last post by irk miller on Today at 20:35:31 »
More brake stuff (lines will eventually be SS AN )...

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SELLING / CB400f project for sale
« Last post by danbar on Today at 19:47:48 »
Hey, check out my project bike for sale. My loss is your gain. Hope someone digs this as I would love to see it back on the road.

Politics / Religion / Debates / Re: "the Mooch"
« Last post by stroker crazy on Today at 19:46:02 »
Speaking of the Mooch Ö

and polls about nuclear first strikes Ö

SWAPPING / Trade 77/78 cb750 carbs for 76 cb750 carbs
« Last post by Tooslow on Today at 19:09:31 »
Looking to trade a set of 77/78 carbs for early cb750 carbs.
They donít have to be clean.


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Sold to me!!! Thanks, canít wait to get the kit.

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Politics / Religion / Debates / Re: "the Mooch"
« Last post by carnivorous chicken on Today at 18:52:32 »
Speaking of the Mooch -- apparently his twitter account posted a poll yesterday asking how many Jews were killed in the holocaust, after posting an ad for an Anne Frank Halloween costume.
Electrical / Re: Dynatek timing help
« Last post by Redbird on Today at 18:47:26 »
When I bought my K8, the PO had the Dynatek so far off it wouldn't even run (though he swore it "ran before he parked it"). It had me baffled for a bit, until I downloaded the install instructions. I then removed the entire assembly and reinstalled per the instructions. I set the static timing with a test light, she finally fired right up, then verified base/advance timing with a timing light.
You shouldn't have to be redrilling holes on the plate. My guess is, something isn't installed correctly, or it's not the correct kit for the bike.
Loungin at da club / Re: DTT Mugshots...please add your own.
« Last post by HURCO550 on Today at 18:11:41 »
This makes me smile!! ;D
Mike, we will have to get one at Mid-O...

makes me smile too!

And yes, both of y'all need to be at Mid-O this year. NO EXCUSES

I'm getting (hopefully) a new house here soon with plenty of room in the yard and only about 20 min or so from the track.

Plus mike, there are plenty of shrubberies in which to pee on there.
Bodywork / Painting / Plating / Re: Welding Gas Tanks
« Last post by HURCO550 on Today at 18:07:13 »
looking good, and good on ya for jumping in and learning.

That stainless bead looks nice, but something to keep in mind, the dark gray color of that weld is something you want to avoid on stainless steel.

Stainless derives its anti corrosion qualities from chromium.

When the weld turns gray like that, you've burnt away the chromium, and that area will then rust.

you will be looking for a colorful bead, and in a perfect world you would like those colors to be straw yellow and purple mostly.

Try to use the minimum amount of heat (amperage) as possible to complete the joint, which should remedy that issue.

Keep up the good work man!

Enjoy it!
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