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Cafe Racers / Re: YZF750/1000R - The Fly
« Last post by Green199 on Today at 04:58:28 »
You absolutely NEED matching leathers....
Trackers / Re: "Tangerine Dream" / Glemseck - KZ750
« Last post by Green199 on Today at 04:56:47 »
Looking very 'period' Beach, coming together nicely.

I'd say you've hit the nail on the head with a mainly silver scheme, or a vintage race rep style paint job.
Here's my annual "I hate the fuckin' cold weather" post... f'n Illinois winters... GRRRRRR

I almost went to grad school in Chicago, when I was visiting for my interview it was -8, and that alone made me decline the invite.
Trackers / Re: xs650 Sumotrack
« Last post by CrabsAndCylinders on Today at 01:29:20 »
Those stacks look beautiful. Are they a turned shape and length?
Cafe Racers / Re: Sportster Cafe Build
« Last post by DBrevit on Today at 01:21:45 »
                  Thanks, not my living room, I own a shooting range and I'm in the process of converting half the main building into my shop ( two story building is 24' x 44'), will have my table lifts etc, etc set up come spring.
Specials / Re: Project two---a CB400F
« Last post by tattoo on Today at 01:07:42 »
Pulled the trigger on the tank plan today too.

After a lot of stewing, the tank and side covers will be sanded down, some small repairs to the tank and one side cover done, and repainted in as close to Light Ruby Red as we can get.

Did a little polishing too...getting these bits ready for eventual reassembly.

I think the engine's gonna be a mix of "as clean as as I can get it" metals and some polished items.  Hope it results in something interesting to look at.
Here's my annual "I hate the fuckin' cold weather" post... f'n Illinois winters... GRRRRRR
Cafe Racers / Re: Sportster Cafe Build
« Last post by Luugo86 on Today at 00:28:41 »
You're a hell of a builder dude..  And are you building that thing in your living room?
Bodywork / Painting / Plating / Re: Welding Gas Tanks
« Last post by guzzi850t on Dec 15, 2017, 23:28:57 »
Hey guys!

Its been some time since I posted,im totally lost into the welding :-)

I try to weld as much as possible but the last days since we have a an oldschool brass workshop I started to TIG weld casting mistakes out of our brass objects.
I also started to practice stainless which is VERY VERY rewarding and easy to weld.

Since brass is quite poisonous to weld (zinc and lead burning of) I built a welding cart so I can move my welding machine to another room of the workshop where we have an extraction system and a window.Still need to cut out a piece of my welding mask in order to fit my respir mask  :D
What mask are you using? My 3m respirator fits under my Miller welding helmet.

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Cafe Racers / Re: Am I the Pontius Pilate of this CX500?
« Last post by Odontologist on Dec 15, 2017, 21:49:51 »
Yep.  I'm reaching from a distance, but I assume since it's a fiberglass base, you can shave some off to match the frame better.  Looks to me like the tail section may need it more than the front half, so it lowers the angle of the seat.

You're spot on. Its a fibreglass base, and I agree that the tail looks to high. I don't have any shocks on and the bike is on its centre stand, which is pushing tail up a bit, but I do agree that I have to work on the seat base.
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