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Engines / Re: Carb retrofit onto CB450??
« Last post by davidricci on Today at 14:58:04 »
Someone wrote about 32 vs 30 for this bike on a thread favoring the 30ís. You should I think, determine first if the 32s are best before all that work. -D
Part of the enjoyment of a project is the parts chasing. I spotted a reduced SB200 barrel on ebay. The price £30 was nearly the same as the carb inlets go for £ what the hell?

Turned up on time and in better order than I expected and inlets attached, so quids in :)

I've got the inlets and the bores are in better shape than mine, so a quick hone, measure for new pistons or rings and it'll be good to go :)
Engines / Carb retrofit onto CB450??
« Last post by redrover on Today at 14:39:58 »
Just got a rack of these Mikuni VM32 carbs (from a 83 GS750)

Does anyone know what it will take to take two of them and install into a 72 CB450?

Do I need a custom intake manifold? Special throttle cables?

Thank you in advance for any insights!
HELP! 1-800-CAFE-HELP / Re: Cb360 Reassembly Help
« Last post by Sderbyshire on Today at 14:31:58 »
Good luck with the clutch, hope it works out.

Where did you source heavy duty clutch springs, i need some for my 390 and have only found ebc here in the uk which i am doubtful of.
Specials / Re: saving a 1980 KZ750 twin
« Last post by doc_rot on Today at 14:31:06 »
that's an old painting of mine, as you can see its being absorbed into the scrap wood pile.
Ah ok gotcha.

So I went for some more runs, dead spot seams to be more like 5k and only when light on throttle... if I give it all the throttle (and lean over the tank to keep the front end down) it pulls like an sr71
Bob and Chop / Re: CB550 Bobber
« Last post by Maritime on Today at 13:50:01 »
Good to hear man.
Enduro / Dirt / Scramblers / Re: PE175 VMX
« Last post by crazypj on Today at 13:28:44 »
When I was working at Suzuki dealers we used to re-profile the reed stops to a (I think, can't remember) 8" or 10" diameter and about 50% more 'lift'.(just about touching case radius)  o need to polish contact area with at least 600 grit afterwards.  Make sure angle of port and reed block all match up. PE175 was first bike I ever managed a 'tail whip' on, my Yamaha 400 was way too heavy to learn on (plus I broke rear suspension trying  ;D ) I don't like thinking about it too much though, makes me feel real old (almost 40 yrs ago  :( )
Loungin at da club / Re: Uncle Ernie's Inspirational Pics
« Last post by john83 on Today at 13:27:38 »

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Bob and Chop / Re: CB550 Bobber
« Last post by john83 on Today at 13:23:18 »
Slowly starting to do some more work now that I can walk again. Finished wiring the ignition system this week and even got it to fire off some starting fluid. More to come.

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