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Re: 1976 CB750F Canadian Cafe!
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So I took apart the brakes last night. Both need a rebuild at the caliper as well as the master cylinders for both front and rear.
Can anyone comment on:
- Is it worth it to rebuild stock M.C's ?
- If not, I'd also like to modernize the look of the handlebars and run sportier controls anyways. budget always being a concern, what do people think of the ebay jobbies? something like these:
Worth it to take a risk on or are they garbage? rebuild kit would run me more than half the cost of just buying these outright.

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Re: 1976 CB750F Canadian Cafe!
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I have experience with both and the OEM honda is way better than the no name aftermarket, that being said you can get a good used newer model honda that likely doesn't need a rebuild for the cost of the aftermarket.  For example, I had an aftermarket one on my GL1000 and it worked, but it was a bit soft and I didn't like the feel of it. I got hit by a deer on the bike so that one got thrashed, when I re-did the bike I got a mid 90's CBR master in good used shape, It works so much better and it was an upgrade to the stock brakes as well. with it and braided stainless lines the bike stops better than it ever did new.  I picked it up for 30 bucks or so on Ebay. took a few weeks to get a good one to show up but worth the wait.  I got the Galfer lines with the double banjo from the master and they are very nice.\

here are some pics of the setup
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