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Re: Ugly Goose - Moto Guzzi 850T cafe
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Has anyone ever used a GPS speedo?
the speedometer on my bike has the ability to upgrade to a GPS. It isn't cheap at $132

The speed reader that works off of magnets on the front wheel is UGLY. the wire is very thick and needs a lot of zip ties to keep it close to the front brake line.

with the drum/shaft drive rear wheel, there is no way to mount it in the back.

How well do these work? does the black box have to be mounted anywhere special? In line of sight to the sky?? I wouldn't think so, my phone GPS doesn't need that, but who knows??

thanks for your help
Is this some proprietary gps chip for these gauges only? All a gps chip is going to do is provide NMEA data that would then get parsed by the processor. I developed a digital gauge gps speedometer with screen from a very cheap chip, but the internals are all the same, UBLOX neo 6 or 7 are popular. And I have an arduino nano do the heavy lifting. Four wires are all that is needed, RX, TX, VIN, Ground. If you can figure out the pinout on your gauge you can get a very cheap chip, I'm talking sub $12 so long as the gauge you have doesn't need to communicate with a specific gps chip. I have my chip mounted to the front forks and it takes approx. 30 seconds to get a gps lock. The ones with a battery or EEPROM save your last location and have a hot boot function, so your lock is instant.
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Re: Ugly Goose - Moto Guzzi 850T cafe
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I built a bike for my wife, so that she has a vintage bike to ride when I am on my Moto Guzzi. See build thread in my signature.

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