Author Topic: One of our own needs a helping hand. Anyone?  (Read 87 times)

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One of our own needs a helping hand. Anyone?
« on: Jul 18, 2018, 20:04:59 »
Moto community: One of our members could use a helping hand today. Aaron & Jewell and their family are active members of the moto community (think: the family that heads up Meltdown & Triumph on Broadway). Aaron had to stop riding Spring '17 due to how weak his hip had become due to an old injury... then his hip caved in and he had to have a total hip replacement January 31. Now Aaron is in a tremendous amount of pain due to the hip replacement dislocating multiple times a day and sometimes multiple times per hour. He has been scheduled for surgery again next week. They don't know what they are facing until the doctor begins surgery and sees what's going on inside. If the hip replacement has to be replaced, the doctor will have to cut his femur vertically to remove the current replacement. Either way, it will put him out of commission for quite some time.
Not only are they facing this with no insurance, he is losing work. Aaron and Jewell are kind people who help others.
Let's pitch in and help get him back on two wheels.