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Re: 82 Honda CB900C chop/racer
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A Timesert is basically a threaded sleeve that is used to repair stripped threads in, say, engine housings.  The kits aren't cheap but if you've got a stripped thread then there don't seem to be too many options to repair it other that a Timesert or Helicoil.  I'm new to all this but from what I'm told the Timesert does a more secure job.  I repaired my stripped thread with the engine in the frame - it's doable but a bit tricky to access, and you also have to be careful to avoid the scarf/metal shavings from falling dropping into the engine housing (I used a lot of heavy grease, and went very, very slowly).

Here's a link to the kit I needed to repair the stripped thread -

Not sure about the bolt itself that you'll need but if you can find the specs for it (length/width and thread pitch) I'd be happy to see if my guy has one.  Or if you can find out whether or not bolts from different years' engines can be interchanged then let me know.

I've ordered the o-ring twice now, the ones I've received however both seem a little large for the bolt.  Not sure if that's how they're supposed to fit - I ended up using two generic o-rings that fit more snug and will see if any oil leaks out. 

Let me know if I can help =)
I found one and ordered the o-ring and while digging for a hole punch for something else I came across the bolt that fits it and tried one year later.... still doesn't fit. Dang

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