Author Topic: My first build - 75 Honda CL360 Scrambler  (Read 7207 times)

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Re: My first build - 75 Honda CL360 Scrambler
« Reply #90 on: Jul 15, 2017, 22:39:22 »
If youve already drilled the hole and its too big to tap.  A nut-sert would work good.  If you can get ahold of the tool.
We use them at work for situations like this.  I installed them on my aluminum beer rack.

Harbor freight

Amazon has metric

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Re: My first build - 75 Honda CL360 Scrambler
« Reply #91 on: Jul 18, 2017, 16:46:10 »
Thank you for all the suggestions. I looked at the price of that nutsert tool, which starts at $35 and goes up and up, and the handlebars are only $23 so I just ordered a new set and I'll tap the screw hole correctly this time. Thanks again.

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Re: My first build - 75 Honda CL360 Scrambler
« Reply #92 on: Jul 21, 2017, 21:34:28 »
Hey guys! Quick question about the throttle grip. I'm not using the original switch block that holds the throttle grip onto the handlebars. So I'm wondering what is going to hold it on now?  What have you guys done or purchased to make this work?
Follow up question to this - Is there a front brake light switch? I tore this bike apart almost a year ago. I don't see anything that goes to the front brake handle that will send a signal to the brake light.
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Re: My first build - 75 Honda CL360 Scrambler
« Reply #93 on: Jul 22, 2017, 17:07:12 »
Wiring - Yikes. I've eliminated a lot of options on this bike and I'm going for minimal wires. I found these two diagrams online and put them together. I'm confused. Can someone please help?
1. where does the black wire from my starter solenoid go?
2. I bought a 2Fast Moto Rectifier that has 4 wires coming out, Red, Yellow, Orange and Pink. This diagram shows 5 wires going into the rectifier. It shows 3 coming off of the stator when there are actually 4 wires. And the 2Fast box site says that I still have to use the old regulator. where is that in this diagram?

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Re: My first build - 75 Honda CL360 Scrambler
« Reply #94 on: Jul 22, 2017, 22:41:58 »
i think i've got the cleaning part taken care of. I've been scrubbing on this engine for weeks trying to get a uniform look. Thanks for all the input. I'm going to buy some high heat paint tonight and get started.

Almost impossible to get a uniform finish on the crankcase, wheel hubs and brake plates on any Japanese alloy from the 60's onwards, that's why factory painted them. You'll find early Honda's only had top case painted, lower case was left 'bare'. Anyone who has polished engine cases knows you find all sorts of variations in the alloy colour due to various impurities and poor mixing. Don't know it's due to majority of parts being high pressure die cast and 'flow' requirements?
 Best thing to do is have stuff vapour blasted but cheaper is ordinary 'sand' blasted which leaves a rough surface for painting
 Stock shock is 9.5 inches long fully compressed if I remember right. If yours don't move they may be seized or your trying to compress a shock by hand off the bike? On softest setting they will easily 'bottom out' when riding over rough (ordinary?) roads
 You've discovered it isn't faster or easier removing the operating arm from brake cam. Always remove adjuster from rod, you have to adjust brake after wheel fitting or chain adjustment anyway.
Pretty sure you won't have enough clearance and may need to 'modify' rear frame. If you look up 'Willow' you can see what happens when lack of clearance and modification get out of hand
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Re: My first build - 75 Honda CL360 Scrambler
« Reply #95 on: Aug 08, 2017, 15:34:02 »
Here's a couple pics of how far I am. I got the seat upholstered for $200 with leather scraps that only cost me $21. I have the switch block installed (what a pain in the ass drilling a square hole in the handlebars) and just an analog speedometer. everything is LED.
I'm not sure how the throttle cable is going to work since I'm not using the original plastic switch block. does anyone have experience with a setup like this? basically i just have the brake lever and the turn signal on the end of the bar holding the grip in place.