Author Topic: Cleaning rusty gas tank - anyone tried Metal Rescue Rust Remover? Other ideas?  (Read 2073 times)

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I cleaned mine with household vinegar in about a week. It was pretty clean afterwards.

While the tank was filled with vinegar, I took around 20 M8 nuts and pulled a fishing line through so they were on a loose chain. Then I dropped it in the tank and did a good shake 2-3 times a day to remove hard rust/dirt

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24hrs in and the lacquer thinner adventure is, well, it's pretty uneventful.  Like watching paint dry.  Or varnish dissolve.  Sloooooow going - anyone done it and can tell me how long that shit takes to dissolve?  I'm gonna leave it in over the weekend - if the varnish is still rubbery then it's decision time I guess - leave it in for longer of try something else.

Thanks again for all the input, may our tanks be clean and our carburetors happy
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So I had to drain mine tonight as it wasn't working anymore. I will pick up two more jugs to do one more run and that should be good.

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What I've learnt about de-varnishing and de-rusting '81 CB750 gas tanks so far...

1.  More or less every step pretty much sucks balls
2.  See 1
3.  See 2
4.  Don't use lacquer thinner to dissolve the varnish, totally didn't work.  Softened it but that's it
5.  Use MEK - that shit not only melted the varnish it melted my eyeballs and made inroads into my soul
6.  With that in mind, handle MEK with a respirator (I did) and in a well ventilated area (I did.  In -15 Celsius)
7.  MEK will destroy petcock gaskets - no biggy as I'm replacing mine anyway.  But know that, otherwise your garage floor will end up wearing some highly flammable shit
8.  Be patient - I let the MEK sit in the tank for a few days, moving it around so it got everywhere.  But I had a serious varnish situation happening
9.  MEK (in Canadian Tire anyway) comes in small, 1 litre cans.  I used 4.  Don't do what I did, which is to try draining the used MEK back into separate cans.  It's a highly combustible ball ache.  Get a larger 5 litre can and drain it all in one go. 
10.  Once drained, chuck in a couple bottles of alcohol to mop everything up.  Don't get impatient and try to speed up the drying process by blowing your shop vac in there.  Like I did.  And blew a bunch of shit/wire/crap into the tank.  Big - and massively irritating - fail there.
11.  Go the Metal Rescue, got 2 gallons of that mofo in the tank now and - if you're freezing your balls off in The Great White North - point your heater at the tank to keep things as warm as possible.  Like all good things (except beer and snowball fights) it's better toasty.
12.  Use a good length of chain (with a piece of thin wire coming out of the gas tank cap to make for easy removal) in the tank to knock off any big rust
13.  Find something else to do while the whole thing does it thing - takes days.  I've degreased the engine and frame, and now plan on starting a brewery. 

Oh, and the whole process sucks balls
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I discovered after day 6 rust held a few key parts of my tank together and unfortunately I am now looking for another tank.

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Has anyone mentioned molasses? I thought it would be well known or just search for molasses and rust removal

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Has anyone mentioned molasses?

I've used molasses for rust removal and it is excellent (but slow)!

One part molasses to ten parts water (or thereabouts). Removes rust but doesn't touch the steel.
After draining the tank use methylated spirits to clean and dry.


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The best alternative I've found that's like EvapoRust or Metal Rescue is Rust911.

It costs $60.00 for a gallon of concentrate that makes 16 gallons of solution.