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XS250 forward controls
« on: May 08, 2017, 09:21:45 »
G'day all! I've got a 1980 xs250 that im fixing up, got it to run nicely, although it might be in the works for a rebuild soon. While i do some serious work to it i also plan to revamp its look again. ive currently chopped the rear fender and seat, shorty street sweeper exhausts, painted it arctic blue, after market speedo and a drag bar for a slimline look. Buuut ive decided being hunched over is severely overrated and i want to turn it into a bobber with a lower solo seat and some higher bars. the point of this thread is:

has anyone managed to fabricate some forward controls for an xs250? it seems the biggest hassle is the linkages will want to live in the same space as the exhaust. has anyone got any ideas?????