Author Topic: CB360 Neutral Wire (light green/red) has ~8V voltage when in Gear...Normal?  (Read 334 times)

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Here's the diagram.  Somehow the neutral switch is still slightly grounding out and receiving 8V when not in neutral.   The neutral light doesnt come on in gear, which is good/normal, but the wire still has about 8V, wondering if this means my neutral switch is shorting to ground? How would I fix that since its inside the crankcase? Or is this normal? I removed all the diode circuit and clutch switch circuit stuff, so its a very simple circuit.

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Depending on the year the switch is either the ground for just the light circuit or the ground for the circuit that causes the starter to be locked out while the engine is in gear as well as the light circuit.

Either way I would expect some voltage measured with the key on and the switch unplugged. If the area is really cruddy I would bet it could be grounding a little bit.

Switch is not in the crank case, its on the left side  under the front sprocket cover, should be held in by chain guard that protects the case if the chain breaks. They are all over ebay too if yours is bad.

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Yes, Normal.
As Frogman stated, the switch is the "ground" in the circuit. When the bike is put in neutral, the shift drum rotates and hits a contact point on the neutral switch. This completes the circuit and the dash light comes on.
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