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Author Topic: Summer update from RestoCycle  (Read 343 times)

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Summer update from RestoCycle
« on: Aug 05, 2017, 22:39:34 »
Hey everyone,

Haven't posted much recently, have been up to my ears in some exciting stuff this summer.

The vapor blast work has been great - we got a little slower in May when everyone put down their wrenches and pulled on their helmets. But even so, we are steady this year where we were very quiet in years past during these months, and that is WITHOUT me doing much in the way of marketing because...

Holy smokes we bought a building. Yes we did :-) That's 7,500 square feet of industrial-zoned goodness, in three suites. RestoCycle is in the last suite to the far left. We rent the other two.

This is about 5 miles from the old location, which made moving a little bit easier than it could have been, but even so, it's been a busy 6 weeks while we shifted all of our gear and our operations over to the new space, and renovated it as we did.

The building was solid but tired.

In the past 6 weeks we've painted it, installed new floors, a ton of electrical service upgrades, fixed the swamp coolers and some leaky plumbing, replaced the air conditioners, installed LED lighting, pallet racks, caught-up on 15 years of neglected landscaping, and so much more.

We took the opportunity to upgrade our compressor as we did, which allowed us to limit our downtime on the vapor blast work to just a few days. Once the new compressor was installed, we picked up the vapor blaster, slung it in a trailer, and 3 days later everything was setup and operational, good to go.

The new space is great. We have roughly double the square footage, plus a back yard and three grade-level roll-up doors. We have a kitchen and break room, a deck off the back door that is as good for eating lunch and  drinking beer (at the end of the day!) as it is for washing a bike. With the addition of the pallet rack and a forklift we can now store our parts and motorcycles and work on them without a 5-step choreography having to take place first. We're also very close to several of our main collaborators, and that has already made that work easier and better.

So there's your update from RestoCycle. We have several bikes on the lifts again, more projects queued up, and more we plan to do as we settle into our new digs, but things are great.

Thank you as always for your support of our business.

Nils Menten
RestoCycle LLC

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