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  • Maritime: Nd I am totally putting a BAJARIS decal on the back window when done
    Today at 14:24:59
  • advCo: haha i'll custom make it for you
    Today at 15:05:44
  • advCo: oh man a big 2 phase compressor just came up local for $200. I need to bite on that
    Today at 15:06:04
  • advCo: Going to pick it up after work 5hp with a 60 or 80 gal tank I cant tell
    Today at 15:29:05
  • Maritime: Nice
    Today at 15:32:06
  • Jimbonaut: That'll do it - my compressor is 2 gallons.  Perfect for, er, inflating 5 party balloons
    Today at 15:33:33
  • Maritime: Mines 15-20 and it's not much better LOL
    Today at 15:34:07
  • Maritime: Maybe 10-15 IDK anymore
    Today at 15:34:27
  • Maritime: it runs airtools but refreshes after each 5 bolt wheel LOL
    Today at 15:35:02
  • Jimbonaut: air tools...I wish
    Today at 15:39:03
  • advCo: I have a 2 horse 21 gal and I kill it running air tools
    Today at 15:42:25
  • advCo: This will be a huge improvement...I just hope he doesn't sell it to someone else before I get out of work LOL
    Today at 15:42:46
  • Maritime: You'll love it. I've missed 3-4 new ones of those from Bargainland becuase I didn't have the cash. There was a 120 Gal ingersol rand they want $300 for with a broken pully. I wanted that so bad
    Today at 15:53:42
  • Maritime: the pulley was an easy fix and I'd have a $2K compressor.
    Today at 15:54:19
  • advCo: Oh yeah, thats the real deal right htere
    Today at 15:54:41
  • advCo: I'll sell my old one for $100 and be sitting pretty with only $100 into it
    Today at 15:54:55
  • Jimbonaut: ^ that's a whole f*ckload of party balloons
    Today at 15:55:18
  • advCo: Only drawback is its 220v i believe so I wont be able to have the welder plugged in at the same time
    Today at 15:55:20
  • Maritime: Yep. that too, I'd have had to put a 220 outlet in the garage but would have been worth it
    Today at 15:59:11
  • Maritime: You just need a remote cutover switch to swapp the 2 LOL
    Today at 15:59:53
  • Maritime: then put 2 - 220V outlets in Ci town
    Today at 16:05:14
  • Maritime: Chi
    Today at 16:05:20
  • advCo: I think I have another fuse that has a 220v hookup, the PO of the house used an exterior outlet to run their RV off
    Today at 16:07:38
  • advCo: I could probably just buy the second outlet and relocate that
    Today at 16:07:47
  • Kamn: nice find advCo
    Today at 16:12:38
  • Kamn: we used to have a 4 gauge 3 wire extension cord with a 220 plug on it and the opposite side was bare so if we ever needed a welder plugged in but didn't have a 220 outlet, we just tied it in 2 110 breakers and voila, 220 for a welder
    Today at 16:15:37
  • Kamn: I'm pissed my dad got rid of it
    Today at 16:16:08
  • Kamn: well, I'm almost done with my heat treat oven build, I just have a 2 connections left to the elements, drill and tap 2 small holes for the door switch to shut off the elements when the door opens, and some rope gasket around the inside of the door, then I can heat treat up to 2000f assuming I wound my elements well
    Today at 16:21:30
  • Maritime: Nice!
    Today at 16:25:23
  • Kamn: Id post some pics but I don't have any kind of pic hosting account
    Today at 16:30:39
  • Kamn: and to be honest I'm a little on the dumb side to do it any other way
    Today at 16:31:04
  • advCo: Just host them here
    Today at 16:34:38
  • Kamn: I don't understand, how do I do that? Im challenged in this area
    Today at 16:40:50
  • Kamn: is it in the gallery?
    Today at 16:41:37
  • advCo: Yeah, you can u pload via the gallery
    Today at 17:22:30
  • advCo: I usually use my phone, but there is a way to add multiple photos at once too
    Today at 17:23:49
  • Jimbonaut: Imgur is really easy Kamn
    Today at 17:33:59
  • Jimbonaut: go to, set up an account, then drag and drop photos into the imgur interface.  It'll generate a BBCode (that's what it's called) - you just copy and paste that code into your thread etc and your pic will show up
    Today at 17:35:37
  • Jimbonaut: it's free
    Today at 17:36:00
  • Jimbonaut: you can also upload photos to imgur from your phone - just get the imgur app and you're in business
    Today at 17:36:36
  • Kamn: Thanks Jimbo, imgur it is. I did have PB but we all remember what happened with them
    Today at 17:42:17
  • Kamn:
    Today at 17:58:17
  • Kamn: Heat treat oven with a PID controller
    Today at 17:58:37
  • Kamn: also made a stand for the old portable bandsaw from HF that I have
    Today at 17:59:22
  • advCo: Thats badass
    Today at 17:59:25
  • Kamn:
    Today at 17:59:25
  • advCo: I'm out for the day, gonna go see if this compressor is legit
    Today at 17:59:46
  • advCo: Later fellas
    Today at 17:59:50
  • Kamn: go get it man
    Today at 17:59:57
  • Kamn: need to paint the frame of the oven
    Today at 18:01:26

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