Author Topic: 1974 CB360 Fallin' Ditch Hell Ride  (Read 32825 times)

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Re: 1974 CB360 Fallin' Ditch Hell Ride
« Reply #440 on: Nov 13, 2017, 09:10:59 »
goes up in 2.5 increments

125 127.5 130 132.5 ect till you hit 200

in the video it still sounds a bit boggy or timing late

and if your needle is that high you may want to go a bigger jet needle or needle ?

what do you have and are they both the same

how is your idle to 1/4 mixture

what slide do you have both the same ?
Thanks Murray.  I think I lost sync on the carbs (or I never had it).  It feels too much like a buzz box.  The idle seems good, nice and smooth and with good rpm.  No starts without choke.  When I set them up originally, I did it in Augusta when it was still in the upper 80s.  The day of the video it was low 50s and wet, plus I'm in the foothills near the NC/SC border.  Not sure how much any of that factors in.  I haven't looked at the numbers on the needle or the slide, but I can pull the carbs this afternoon and check everything I have.  I was hopeful I could get by with just a needle position change and the main jet.  The plugs look good for whatever that's worth.

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Re: 1974 CB360 Fallin' Ditch Hell Ride
« Reply #441 on: Nov 13, 2017, 11:55:20 »
meh good plugs on mikunis mean your not close enough to the edge lol

but i would quickly strip them to make sure they have the same parts and you are not chasing a mismatch

then go from there

to small a slide it will run ok but not produce the power it can till 7/8 to wide open when the slide is above the venturi
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