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anti motorcycle government

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Hi to all, you kiwis will already know about the new licence fees for motorcycles but other countries my not.
The government has just introduced new licence fees for motorcycles.

Passenger car              3mnth    6mnth    12 months
Petrol driven - private 76.11    144.59    281.61
Petrol driven - taxi 90.21         172.85    338.11
Petrol driven - rental 90.21      172.85    338.11
Non-petrol driven - private 107.87   208.10    408.65
Non-petrol driven - taxi 121.87       236.36      465.14
Non-petrol driven - rental 121.87    236.36    465.14
Less than 3500kg  14.45 21.34  35.12
Motorcycle                          3 months     6 months      1 year
Petrol driven - 0- 60cc incl 104.29        200.97         394.38
Petrol driven - 61-600cc incl 107.09       206.60            405.63
Petrol driven - 601cc and over 135.00     262.41           517.25 .

as you can see more expensive than a car!! NZ must be the only contry in the world not encouraging people to get out of cars!! Its been a real shock to most riders and mass protests have been organised. There has also been a new organisation established to protect the interests of the NZ motorcycling community here

so check it out and lets know what you think!

hey guy, we have another country called CHINA. in NZ bikes just more expensive, in CHINA, bikes are forbidden~~~

your registration includes an element of ACC

and you don't have to have compulsory insurance as ACC covers you against claims for personal injury by third parties

however the way they allocate ACC blame is questionable

Also if you have more than one vehicle you pay several times for the same ACC coverage

Left NZ a long time ago, currently reside in the UK

one of bikes being pre 71 is road tax exempt and come end of november is also MOT exempt as they are exepmting allpre 60 vehicles from  MOT

Would I go back to NZ, no, it would cost too much in rego and insurance, also most of my bikes have been modified and would be illegal there

yes well ACC isnt really what it used to be anymore!! bikes 30 years old can have a "classic" rego so a bit cheaper thank god!!

30 Years for classic Rego? I heard it was 40
Do you have to apply for it?


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