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How deep do the LVVT regs go? Does anything need doing if the exhaust system is changed, or changing the fuel cap on the tank with a bit of welding? New/modified seats?

Most likely if you wanted to do it properly and have the $$. Are you needing a cert? If you go to people like VTNZ who have no idea, they will tell you to go and get a cert. Best to find a 'bike freindly' place for a wof. Ive had a few bikes, including a hardtail honda and most WOF people thought it was stock. Have a look on

Chur, yeah that is the biggest worry for me - getting a WOF after I have finished building it. I see plenty of bikes on trademe with what are obviously not stock exhausts ect and wonder how they get around it as the motorcycle VIRM says anything modifications to just about anything requires LVVT cert

Yeah, it depends who you go to. Most sport bikes have after market exhausts and im sure they all dont have certs. Just dont go to VTNZ, they are a rip off and have no clue about bikes bar a few of them. Try to find a bike friendly place and im sure if it doesnt pose a risk to safty then they will pass it.

You can see the standards and allowed modifications here


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