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Ohlins Triumph Piggyback Shocks - Lowest Price Guaranteed!


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Ohlins Triumph Piggy Back Shocks

Ohlins Triumph Piggy Back Shocks

Choose between the two sizes we have available. To measure your shock length you must go from hole center-to-center when the shock is fully extended. The two measurements are also adjustable by +0.25″, you cannot reduce the shock length only increase it. There are several variables to getting the correct shock like rider weight, riding style, one passenger or two passenger, etc. After you order a shock with us, we will send you a message or call you depending on your preference to get all your information. The shocks you will be getting, will be custom fit to you and your Triumph. Ship time varies depending on what we have in stock, and what your requirements are. Average wait time is 1-2 weeks if we don’t have them in stock. If you have questions about fitment or want to talk to us about an application other than the piggy back give us a call or send us a message.


* $909.49 including free shipping
* S36PL Version Ohlins Twin Shocks
* Fully Serviceable
* 36mm Shock Body
* Piggy back nitrogen reservoir
* Preload Adjustment
* Length Adjustable
* Optional Spring Rates Available
* Made to fit Triumph Thruxton, Scrambler and Bonneville

Are we able to get these in eye-to-clevis setup with custom spring rates? If so, what does that do to pricing? Looking for a setup for a 1978 GS1000.



You can get ohlins in any configuration you want (call a rep) Mattfeet. Just open thy wallet and let it rain.

Mattfeet - Keep in mind these threads are not SpeedDealers primary means of communication - they have contact info on their site, and Caleb has included his direct email and phone number in his signature:


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