Author Topic: SOLD '78 CB750f Super Sport Complete F&R End  (Read 1878 times)

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SOLD '78 CB750f Super Sport Complete F&R End
« on: Feb 25, 2015, 01:35:27 »

I'm looking to sell the complete front and rear end from a '78 CB750f Super Sport.

I'm going in a different direction with the suspension/wheels/brakes and selling off what I won't be using to fund my project.

The bike had been sitting awhile before I got it, and has been parked in the back of my shop the past 5 years; I'm sure the parts will need some cleaning and a few expendables replaced/serviced, i.e. fork seals, caliper rebuilds, wheel bearings, etc., but everything is complete and appears to be in solid usable condition. The fork tubes have some pitting above the travel area, closer to the lower triple, as pictured.

Looking to sell everything as one complete kit in hopes of saving someone looking to upgrade their brakes/suspension the hassle/trouble of tracking down all of the requisite parts.

$450 for everything, includes the following parts.....

2x Front Calipers
2x Front Rotors
Front Master Cylinder
Front Brake Lines
Front Comstar Wheel w/Good Tire
Front Axle/Spacers/Speedo Drive
Rear Swingarm
Rear Comstar Wheel w/Good Tire
Rear Axle/Spacers
Rear Rotor
Rear Caliper
Rear Master Cylinder

If it's not listed above, it's not for sale.

I accept paypal and will ship at buyers expense.
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Any idea if the fork tubes would be interchangeable with a 73? I know they are both 35mm.

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Re: SOLD '78 CB750f Super Sport Complete F&R End
« Reply #5 on: Sep 21, 2017, 14:31:15 »

I don't give a damn WHAT condition it's in, as I'd wanna replace half of the bike with non-stock "reasonable facsimile" components anyhow - Akront "NERVI" rims, 39mm fork & 296mm dished rotors from CB1100RB, smaller rear brake etc etc etc - No matter WHAT condition like I say - I'm REALLY really jealous of anybody who's got an 'F2 - The best of the SOHC-4 series imho....
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