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Where to buy fork tubes?

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Hi there,

I need some replacement 31mm fork tubes for a CB200.

Mine are really pitted and beyond decent repair. Any I've seen on eBay etc look in a similar condition and I'm struggling to find anywhere that does replacements.

Does any have suggestions, preferably UK based sources but further afield not a massive problem.

Many thanks,

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Forks by Frank

Sorry but its not in the UK, they are a family based business in the US that has been making fork tubes for a REALLY long time, and they are supposed to be top notch

Good Luck Rebecca

That's ok I will check it out thanks for replying :)

Other suggestions also of course welcome

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other models of hondas used 31mm forks.......maybe there are tubes from another model that could cross over
Post some pics of just the tubes and if you could get measurements that would make it super easy to see if something like a CX500 fork tube would work for you since they use 31mm forks

Ok. Looks like I need to get them apart, I was trying to avoid it for the time being to keep a rolling chassis for as long as possible but suspected that would start to be a hindrance. Messaged franks but a lot of forums in google search results show people asking if they closed down. Perhaps just slow on replies so will see if I hear anything. Will also see if I can find the tube length online without dismantling my own just yet :)

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