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Re: Moto Guzzi
« Reply #20 on: Sep 25, 2017, 10:19:31 »
Had some time to wrench.
Felt good to be back in the garage and get a few things done.

And by done I mean 95% done....but not 100% because every single job has some "issue"

Used a press and swapped the parts from the broken main shaft, to the new replacement one.

Easy peacy.

Finally put the oil in the forks, so now the forks are 100% done.
Was able to install the dash and wire that all back up.

A little heat and that bearing race popped right out.
Thanks for that tip!
New seal, shim and everything went together without a hiccup.

That was up until I went to install the gears.....
The gaskets I have a wrong.  Unsure if they are cut wrong?  Or if there are two different options?
Any help here would be wonderful.
I have everything cleaned and ready to go back together....but cant because of these gaskets.

Less then trilled.

Slowly putting the gearbox back together.
I need to sit quietly.  That will give me the best chance of doing it correct the first tim.

Does this "bend" in this direction, or the other way?
Does it matter?

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Re: Moto Guzzi
« Reply #21 on: Sep 25, 2017, 16:11:41 »
That's a great-looking dash, it's very Guzzi :)
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