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brackets have been made! Gonna take some photos this evening of the progress. I may redo the seat pan, I have plenty of plastic left. I wanna make space for a passenger if need be... but cover it with the cowl most of the time.

hard to figure out how to get the battery on there and have someone safely sit ON TOP of the damn thing.

OH! OH! ALSO! just discovered a ninja 650 rear shock fits (but it's a lot shorter) gonna try and get a used VERSYS rear shock because it's a bit longer and I don't have to custom fab a new dogbone to raise the bike up.

Maybe I don't have to buy an expensive ass rear shock and can use a modern sportbike shock. the CBR959 shock also fits and has significantly less travel which is actually what' im going for (this is a road bike for weekend track days and cruising around town with the local vintage club)
Why do you want a new rear shock?
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