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First chop 2nd build
« on: Oct 07, 2017, 04:10:58 »
Where to start?

My name Lewis I'm from Kent England.

Back in June I stumbled across a 1980 cb650 custom a few streets away from my house. I had always wanted to customise a bike into something like a scrambler,brat,cafe racer type so bought it for 1500. (This was a massive impulse purchase and no research) clearly this would bite me in the backside later on.

So I got it tested and rode it for a few weeks hated the bars and swapped them for an old set I had laying around (came off a Yamaha xt350) and instantly the bike felt so much better to ride.
I made a rear mud guard from fibreglass and stuck some replacement indicators and tail lamp.
First time I made a complete item from fibre glass and I was mega happy with the result.
If I was to do again I would of made a clip underneath to secure wiring better.

After about a week I got the bug and was desperate to strip and have a tinker.
So stripped bike completely.

But first I bought a cb750kz tank as I knew the original tank would not work for the vision I had.

Then stripped and cut frame up. Looking back and with inexperience i should have made a jig first but my theory was I wasn't amending any main angles or major structure  it was just a seat platform

When I cut the frame I kept an old section of the original frame that I went in to use on my new seat section. The reason I did this was
1st I kept the original mounting points
2nd it already fitted the down tube so why make one.
I just bought tubing that was slightly smaller that I used as lugs. Slipped new frame section on and blasted with the welder.

Oh sorry for the background picture.

Then had a friend paint the tank for me

I decided I wanted to run the popular gsxr front end so bought some used 2007 front forks and stripped them and replaced oil,seals and sent tubes away for 're annodising.
I purchased used calipers and also stripped cleaned and fitted new seals.

My home made fork compression tool

I bought a new stem and top yoke from a US company and pressed stem into a original gsxr lower yoke.

Then temp fit into the bike

I have purchased from the US front and rear hubs 40hole to run spokes wheels,the rear is a disc conversion.
Sent these away yesterday to have built up for me.
Fronts 3.50 x17 running tyre 120/70/17
Rear 4.25x17 running tyre 160/70/17

Currently the top yoke doesn't fit (manufacture issue) the holes are 48mm and my fork are 50mm got into the phone and the chap in the US was mega helpful and sorted it. (It so true about American customer service being good).
So I bought a few other items which I'm currently awaiting.

New front brake lines
New lower yoke to match the top
Offsett spacers for rear wheel as I have bought a disc brake conversion and I was going to run fatter tyres 16/70/17
Front offsett sprocket
And new clip on woodcraft bars

So this is how the bike currently stands and is just a mock up.

All constructive criticism good or bad welcome
Any further advice definitely welcome.
As I did just jump into this and I see why people choose not to modify these so much.

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Re: First chop 2nd build
« Reply #1 on: Nov 04, 2017, 11:53:08 »
Been busy.

However the new shocks I have bought see not long enough. So looking to buy 360mm instead of the current 335mm

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Re: First chop 2nd build
« Reply #2 on: Nov 05, 2017, 11:37:27 »
Lovin this excellent job with 2nd build!!! Frame is great but those wheels look stellar!  Wish the was more. How hard was it to get the engine out?

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