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Cafe Honda CT110
« on: Feb 28, 2013, 00:30:09 »
Hey All,

My wife is 7 months pregnant and knowing I will go insane if I'm not allowed to skydive/ fly/ ride motorcycles, she bought me a project bike and kitted out my shed for my birthday! All my mates reckon she's buttering me up for a life of changing nappies and dance recitals but I'm holding onto the glimmer of hope that she'll let me tinker in the back shed for hours!!!

As a bit of background, I'm an automotive mechanic (non dealership qualified) and an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer by trade (strutures/ mechanical, experienced on Blackhawk, Chinook, B737, B767 and A330) and spend 8 years working for Australia's largest motorcycle retailer. Previous rides- 1995 CBR-250RR, 1998 R1 (first and scariest!), 2000 ZX-6, 2000 Triumph Datyona 955i, 2004 R1, 2005 GSX-R1000, 2007 BeeWee 100 and now a CT110! I know, I started strong and faded at the end...

This bike is for fun and let's face it, it's the VW Beetle of motorcycles: cheap, bulletproof, different (and without all the bad Hitler jokes!)

Anyway, the teardone has commenced and I'm gathering a small arsenal of awesome bits  Mods to be completed are:

frame painted light blue with heavy 70's style ski boat metallic
black rims, chrome spokes, black hubs and black fork lowers
chrome and black rear shocks
old school crossply radials with white walls/ inserts
1' black mini apes with internal throttle cable (mounted upside down- poor mans clip ons!) and tan grips
mini bar mounted switch gear
mini speedo and idiot lights mounted in headlight case
bobbed rear guard and Lucas style taillight
cafe style long seat with rear hump, with black ribbed trim
complete rewire, with 1kg/ 2.2 pd 'nitros tank' replacing the original airbox as a wiring housing
new exhaust, heat wrapped of course, and muffler

I know it's not a fast bike (or a 'cool' bike for that matter) but I love the thing!

Any advice is appreciated, as I've never 'built' a bike, just purchased/ thrashed/ wheelied/ crashed them in the past!

take it easy,