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Winter Makeover - From Cafe to Brat ('79 KZ400)
« on: Mar 04, 2013, 16:59:23 »
I purchased my KZ400 about 2 years ago. You can read my original thread here: That thread started to get pretty long and wordy with not a whole lot of action. Not to mention I pretty much completely changed the look of the bike over the winter. Leading me to start this new thread.

Quick Re-Cap:
I bought the bike for $100 in boxes with not title. Quickly tracked down the title, and got it put back together and running in time for summer. Rode it for the summer, then made a few mods the next winter. Rode it for another summer until I had some carb issues. Decided this winter was as good as any for a complete makeover.

The Makeover:
I started with a carb swap. Had enough trouble with the stock carbs and finally decided to bite the bullet and go 2-1. I am now running a Keihin PWK35 flat slide card. Super impressed with the faster response. Getting REALLY close on tuning and am looking forward to ripping around on it this summer. Had to point it forward to keep it from hitting my leg. Placement works well. Just need a shorter throttle cable.

Next I decided to go with a copper metallic paint with matte black accents/decals. Really like the color.

Then my friend hand sewed a nice brat style seat for it. Came out really nice, and looks and feels exactly how I wanted it to.

Other minor changes include a mini-speedo and new bar end mirrors.

(Since taking these photos I finally installed my front fender. Will post more pics eventually)

The day I got it. All body work was done prior to me purchasing it. Including the tail and closing in the sides.

Initial mockup:

Moving along in the process...

Vinyl wrap/decls:

Switched to clip-on's:

New pipes (Sportster mufflers):

Rode it like that for 2 summers. Now this last winters mods begin...

My first experience with bondo. Not my favorite thing in the world.



Post-Clear Coat:

Final Product:

Near future plans include:

Paint fork lowers black
Paint front fender black
(Maybe) Add small black fender too
Wrap headers (black)

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