Author Topic: 1979 KZ750 Twin Cafeish Build Thread  (Read 1037 times)

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1979 KZ750 Twin Cafeish Build Thread
« on: Apr 16, 2013, 23:08:39 »
Long story short- wanted a motorcycle but wanted to be different from all the stock sport bikes in my area. I discovered cafe racers and I was hooked! Two months later I picked this gem up, a '79 kz750 with 13k miles. It didn't run without starter fluid due to clogged carbs. I cleaned them up and now it fires right up so time to mod!

Keep in mind this is my first motorcycle but I am a grease monkey when it comes to cars.

Obviously stock

Chopped the rear tail section with the intention of it being a solo seater with a duck tail at the end

Stock handle bars down to get an idea of seating position. I pretty much cut the metal for the stock seat and created the duck tail. Also added DIY knee dents.

Idea of riding position

Waiting on my clubman bars from (kinda slow to ship:-( it's been over a week already). Next thing on my list is to figure out how to put some sport bike forks on the front end and possible swing arm rear with monoshock.

What's the