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Cm450e- Cammie
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I started this project some time around mid 2010 and finished it in January. I'd wanted to build a cafe-style bike for a while but was held back by cash. At the time it was my first year on my own going to school in Ventura. I happened upon a packaged deal of a xs360 and the cm for $100. I bought them both expecting to only use the xs and junking the cm but after trying to unfreeze the engine and realizing there were not many parts I wouldn't have to replace I moved on to the cm. It took a while but the idea grew on me and I started working on it. I rebuilt it three times and gave up on several occasions(once where i was ready to trash the whole thing), but I finally got serious last summer and didn't stop working on it until I finished it in January. The basis of the project was low investment/capital, high reward(knowledge, fun, reliable and cool little bike). The total cost was about $1700 using very crude tools. I feel like I succeeded in my goal. Its a rough finish, I had more planned for it but as soon as I started riding it I lost the wiling to tear it apart again to continue working on it... so i bought another project, a Goldwing 1100. I put the silly number on the tail because its my first build... and for some reason I feel compelled to number them... and numbers are cool. Feedback would be appreciated! I'm here because i want to learn and the extra guidance will be great as I get further on my new project. Shoot away with and questions or comments.

When I first got it:

Right before I tore it apart and gave up on it for about a year:

And what it looks like now... a little dirty(haven't washed her since I finished her):

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