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I've been gone way too Long......CM400
« on: May 08, 2013, 01:40:36 »
Hey all! I haven't been on here in quite some time. Long story shot I had a bunch of bikes in my garage and I sold this to a guy from work because I knew I'd never get to this one. Well I was at his house and he informed me that it was sitting in his basement still! So we went down there and I bought it back for way cheaper....We then drank some beer and took the rear fender, battery box and etc out. Tore down the front headlight and he pulls out a cafe seat pan he made by hand and says "this comes with.......Bike is in pretty amazing shape with a hair over 6k original miles on it. This is my first bike I could scavenge after getting divorced, so I have some time and money to put on it. I'm planning on the following...Doing something with the wires, rectifier etc since we tore everything out of there. Sync the carbs and go through, I am going to have a leather seat made with the original seat pan and do it up cafe style (bad back) and I don't really care for the other seat pan. Some clip ons. mini blinkers, and cut the rear fender and figure out a cat eye or something for the tail. Stip the paint on it and leave it bare metal with a marine clear coat on her..Oh and fork seals...yeah those are important.  So as I get things done I will put it on here.
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