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1979 CB750K - Anniversary Edition
« on: Jun 04, 2013, 15:09:59 »
Out in my garage on the weekend and decide its time I do something with this bike.  With the internet now in existence I should be able to get all the information I need online to make this project a reality.  I have very little mechanical experience.  I can check oil, turn a wrench, but that is about it.  But I am capable and willing to learn.  After some searching I found this forum which seems to be the right place.

I got the bike from my uncle around 1996 and spent the next 3-4 years getting it back up and running (properly, drove it home from Red Deer to Winnipeg without gauges and with an oil leak from the left side). 

In August 2000 (I was 20) went on an epic rode trip with a buddy. We drove Winnipeg-Dryden-Wawa-Ottawa-Toronto-Niagra Falls-Cedar Point- Jackson, Michigan-Madison-Fargo-Winnipeg.  Hit a top speed of 175kph north of Lake Superior.  Also narrowly avoided death on some unmarked construction by Old Woman's Bay.

The next summer I had a friend help me take it apart and fine tune it, only to find out my front axle was bent (from previous accident?) and there was no master link on my chain?
At this time I had the gas tank and side panels custom painted and added some K+N air filters.

Summer 2002, finally bike is where I want it to be when I hit a baby deer on the way out to the lake with my gf on the back (Mom was on other side of highway).  Bike has been sitting in my garage ever since.

Looking to take on a project and get it up and running again.
Kinda torn on what direction to go, and how original to keep it.
Not sure the extent of the damage, but it doesn't look too bad.
I will try and get some pics past, present, etc.