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Kylecrish's cl/cb200(t?) restoration and build
« on: Jul 17, 2013, 01:41:28 »
Just bought this bike last Friday (7/12/13). It's my first on-road bike, but Iwas brought up on dirtbikes and four-wheelers. There's not too much of a story behind me buying it, other than wanting a motorcycle for years, and randomly asking a friend who rides Harleys if he knows anyone selling an older one. His dad happened to have this bike hanging out in his basement and he was willing to part with it. I probably overpaid at $400, but I'm exciting to get underway and try to get this thing back on the road.

This Honda started off life as a cl200, and was swapped over to a cb200t. I'm not sure of the differences other than the pipes being, so if someone can fill me in that would be great! It hasn't ran since '95, but all of the wiring has just been redone, so I'm happy that I don't have to deal with that part of it. If anyone has any suggestions on where I should start with getting this thing running, please let me know. I've never worked on a bike or a carbed engine before. This is going to be a very slow build and a huge learning process so please bare with me.

The bike was in pieces when I picked it up. The seat, gas tank, front fender, and a bunch of random assorted parts were off of the bike but still stored indoors. The gas tank seems to be in good condition with minimal rust inside the tank. No rust on the frame, but it definitely looks like it's been resprayed at some point. and the suspensions is still good with the front forks looking brand new. My plan is to build a simple cafe style bike for around town use without going too crazy; painting the wheels black since they are corroded badly, replacing the huge oem seat with a much smaller single tan leather seat (no rear fairing), tan header heat wrap, fork mounted handlebars, rear peg/pedal set if possible, and a full engine rebuild. Other than that, I'll just be cleaning it up with more discreet markers, cut back rear fender, and a single low side mirror.

Anyway, I know this is a lot of talking, not so much doing. But just as with my VW, I do what I say I'm going to do and I feel that what I have planned is very achievable withing the next year or so if I avoid a bunch of cutting and fabrication. So, on that note, on to some pictures.

bag of assorted parts that came with it

assorted parts cont. (are the 3 identical bags carb rebuild kits?)