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1982 CB900C cafe.... "Its a 10 speed!"
« on: Aug 13, 2013, 01:53:55 »
Hey y'all! I was active for a while than life got in the way. I picked up this bike last year with all original parts (fairing, back rest & accessories) for $1500.00. I have always wanted a Honda cafe bike.... I just never thought it would be a 10 speed and shaft drive. As it stands tonight I have added clip-ons, chopped the rear fender, custom plate mount, all in one tail/brake/blinker, stubby front blinkers, after marked headlight ears and V&H 4-1 exhaust. Keep in mind that I want to make this bike restoreable, if I ever decide to sell it. I will not cut the rear frame of anything else on this bike. Please be gentle with the comments, its my first build.


Now here are the current images.

I plan on replacing the V&H muffler with something custom.

I chopped a extra fender, not the original.

My tail/brake/turn light installed.
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