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Cafe Racers / Re: 1978 CB550 Pieces/Parts Hellride
« Last post by john83 on Today at 04:46:51 »
Thatís some pretty good looking wiring

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Restorations / Re: 1982 CB750F... The resto-not
« Last post by CrabsAndCylinders on Today at 03:38:52 »
I have always used Blue Loctite and had no problems when using SS bolts in aluminum...
Restorations / Re: 1982 CB750F... The resto-not
« Last post by cb250nproject on Today at 02:25:47 »
It looks dam nice black with stainless, makes them
Pop even more

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Cafe Racers / Re: FRANKENHONDA II the 1982 DOHC CB 750F2 Build
« Last post by teazer on Today at 01:58:39 »
I see that two of us suggested leaving the M/C in place and raising the CALIPER so that air rises to the bleed nipple in the caliper.  Don't raise the M/C, that allows air back into the m/c and it travels back down the hose again.
Trackers / Re: CB450 Tracker
« Last post by spotty on Today at 00:20:19 »
20 fl oz or about 585ml
Specials / 1970's CB550 custom - Lazarus
« Last post by dwysywd on Jul 23, 2019, 23:44:59 »
Update: seems the only time I get to update anything is when Iím not home. So anyhow, purchased a pneumatic motorcycle table. Going to get rid of the pallet rack I have it on now. My dad just finished his cement. So the pallet rack is a donor to his barn and I get some much needed floor space back. I loved it. It was CAF, but alas you have only so much SGFT and the pallet rack was too big.

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Cafe Racers / Re: BMW R90/6 Cafe
« Last post by Popeye SXM on Jul 23, 2019, 22:59:02 »
I love the BMW you have built and am sorry you have withdrawn from BOTM. I would like to thank you very much for the great documentation of the build, I have really enjoyed following. I didnʻt get Irkʻs post but DTT is full of jokerʻs so I didnʻt think anything of it. I hope you are not put off future documentation as that would be a loss to many
uhhh, what happened there tim? where did the beemer go?

Long story - all is squared away.
Cafe Racers / Re: Shake the Box CL360/378
« Last post by ridesolo on Jul 23, 2019, 22:36:18 »
No new pictures to post, but I've spent time finalizing the fairing fit and getting the horn set up to hide back in there.  I need to find some some 5mm transfer screws for the top braces, 1/4-20 is close but not close enough.    Funny about transfer screws...  A while back I acquired some (SAE) sets in a box of tools at an auction and didn't know what they were.  BUT they were obviously something precision and good quality so I put them into a tool box drawer.  A couple weeks ago I was going through a thread over in the Bodywork / Painting / Plating section and found out what they are and what they are used for.  Even an old dawg like me can learn stuff, I guess.  Ain't DTT a wunnerful place?   ;D 
uhhh, what happened there tim? where did the beemer go?
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