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if you use a cable to actuate the rear brake, the cable becomes the "disconnect" between the pedal and the swingarm motion.
just like the hose on a hydraulis set-up.
Other Projects / Re: 1970 VW Bus - Westfalia Resto
« Last post by advCo on Today at 16:01:04 »
So after about 10 hours of fiddling around and making replacement pieces, I finally got the decklid hinge panel inner valance all fixed up. I ended up replacing the bottom 1-2" saving as much OG metal as I could. The pieces were a pain to fabricate without a bead roller but I made it work. Sucks to have to do it in pieces but my brake is only 18"...

I spent a little more time cutting in the clips to the replacement pieces and adding drain holes in the original positions. You can see most of the crusty ass original panel propped up. It doesn't look that bad but it was riddled with pinholes and a few holes over 1/2".


..and then slapped some POR-15 on there.

We hit a local VW show and swap meet on Saturday and I got motivated to do some cosmetic stuff. This big dent on the driver's side corner has been bugging the crap out of me. First I welded some studs and tried to slide hammer it out. The mashed in belt line really had the dent locked in, so I couldn't make any progress without cutting it out. I have some donor metal That I'm going to weld back in there once its as straight as I can get it. Having that 3" gap makes it a lot easier to get a dolly up inside the fresh air vent. Once I was able to unlock the creases on the 4 corners the dent started coming out pretty well.

Straighter and minus some belt line.

Loungin at da club / Re: Uncle Ernie's Inspirational Pics
« Last post by canyoncarver on Today at 15:06:25 »
and thirdly:  a honda rebel???  really?
Restorations / Re: Black Knight..Nothing left but the ride.
« Last post by trek97 on Today at 14:21:17 »
Restorations / Re: 1982 CB750F... The resto-not
« Last post by Jimbonaut on Today at 13:28:27 »
Thanks fellas - I've dug up what I can on the internet and it looks like the "25" marking on the top of the piston may well be the indicator that a .25mm overbore has been performed on the engine.  Haven't found anything conclusive yet, but things are pointing in that direction. 

I'll check out the specs again and re-jig the numbers allowing for the extra .25mm.  Hopefully all will point to these being over-size.  The compression on the engine was excellent (165psi across all cylinders) so I guess this could be part of the reason - the thing is I'm just not experienced enough to know (or look out for) the tells that the engine has been opened up and worked on. 
Restorations / Re: 1982 CB750F... The resto-not
« Last post by Maritime on Today at 13:14:29 »
You're consistant with .003 on each piston for clearance so they very well could be overbore pistons and the machine shop matches the bore to each piston when they do it. the ring gap is the ring gap no matter the piston size, the ring Diameter however would be larger than stock so see if you can find the 1 over sizes and that may be what you have already.  It would make sense that you got good ring gap measurements on the rings if this was a recent overbore.
Restorations / Re: 1982 CB750F... The resto-not
« Last post by advCo on Today at 13:10:08 »
I'd think that the "25" on the crown could possibly mean .25mm overbore which is first over. Can you check your measurements with the manual and compare? If you add .25 to the specs in the manual do the numbers make more sense? There should also be a piston to cylinder clearance value that should hold true even in the case of an overbore.
Restorations / Re: 1982 CB750F... The resto-not
« Last post by Jimbonaut on Today at 12:53:31 »
Uncovered a bit of a mystery too yesterday.  After measuring the cylinder bores it looked like all of them were out of spec, and larger than the wear limit specified in the Clymers manual.  Although my first reaction was to get the hump knowing I was going to have to shell out on an overbore and new pistons, I then thought to check the piston diameter.  I hadn't removed the pistons from the con rods so that was the first job (no circlips took a dive into the crankcase, but boy did they try) - no drama. 

Then measured them.  Here's the table showing the piston diameter, and the corresponding bore diameter -

All the ring gaps were within spec (at least they were when referencing the stock ring gap specs in Clymers).  Could it be that the cylinders have already been bored and new, larger pistons installed?  I mean, I can't think of any other scenario really.  I don't know how stock pistons are marked, but the ones in my engine are marked "25" (albeit faintly) on the top -

and "425 8" on the side -

I know they're OEM as they're marked Honda on the other side -

Any ideas?

Restorations / Re: 1982 CB750F... The resto-not
« Last post by Jimbonaut on Today at 12:32:09 »
Thanks guys - I ended up leaving the thing soaking in PB Blaster overnight and then attacking the circlip with a couple of mechanics picks.  Wrestled that thing out, then had to manhandle the piston and its washer.  Man what a mess.  Still, got it all out and hopefully the master cylinder itself will be salvageable.  The bores cleaned up ok -

Good to learn about those rust-shifting techniques.  I've used Metal Rescue before on a rusty gas tank - that stuff is the business.  Has one job to do, and does it brilliantly.
Trackers / Re: 1979 CB750F Tracker (maybe?)
« Last post by jordandogtown on Today at 12:31:22 »
Definitely looking mean Jordan.  Your project is evolving into something really cool. Its neat how these projects morph into something other that our orginal ideas as they move along.   Good stuff!

Go the 750's...some cracking dohc builds shaping up very nicely at the moment - absolutely loving yours mate

Thanks for the kind words fellas. I hope to keep plugging away and have her running and riding by early summer.

It seems like whenever I mark one thing off my list, two more get added to the bottom
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