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Trackers / Re: xs650 Sumotrack
« Last post by Rat_ranger on Today at 10:24:29 »
Well new pistons are on the way.  Some of the gaskets had been seeping so I wanted to replace gaskets and seals.  Got the head off and realized the front cam chain guide had no rubber on it.  Then I got the ID measuring tools out.  Cylinders are .0005 over max standard bore at the smallest and about .005 taper. 
Cafe Racers / Re: Ducati engined café racer
« Last post by farmer92 on Today at 08:44:54 »
looking good so far man.
what size tubing are you using for your frame?
also wondering if you ran some stress analysis on your cad design?
I've been trying to find a way to make a stronger lightweight frame for a spare engine as well, and the results have been very interesting.
Sometimes moving the ends of a couple tubes by an inch would reduce the stress by 30%.

can't wait to see where this ends up.
Cafe Racers / Re: 1991 cb750 nighthawk brat
« Last post by harley497 on Today at 07:56:27 »
Last couple month was real fun. After first engine top end rebuild, compression was no more than 110psi and while engine was running good on idle, I also observed strange behavior like self revving from 2k to 4k and spitting/exhaust fire after 5k.

Given low compression I decided that I probably messed up with rebuild and went for disassembly again and this time gave cyl head and block to professional company who did the valve job, honing etc.

Only to find that compression is still on same level after second reassebly. This time I was hundred percent sure that all components and timing was right and I decided to try another compression meter.. and guess what, bloody compression meter was displaying wrong (lower) numbers!!)

So second top end overhaul only to find out that first time I did all right and that new and pretty expensive compressometer wasnt working))

Anyway its 150psi across all cylinders and engine behavior has something to do with carbs or igniton!
Engines / Bonneville Early Detonation
« Last post by livesoundga on Today at 07:55:22 »
Last year I noticed I’m getting a ping when the motor heats up and is under moderate pressure. I used 110 octane gas and noticed the pinging went away. Am I correct in assuming the timing is advanced to far, and that this is early detonation? I hope to get it right before it gets too much nicer out.

1970 TR6C with T120 Head

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Engines / Re: XS750 to XS896 big bore
« Last post by stroker crazy on Today at 05:58:47 »
it sounds awesome …

It looks awesome!

Engines / Re: XS750 to XS896 big bore
« Last post by XS750AU on Today at 03:24:03 »
Shit, shit, shit, I think I am finished!!! What am I going to do now??? Lucky I have the IT200 to rebuild  ;)
Oil leaks are fixed, charging is working (14.3v), tank and petcocks (rebuilt originals) are all working. And best of all it sounds awesome  ;D ;D ;D
Politics / Religion / Debates / Re: "the Mooch"
« Last post by stroker crazy on Today at 01:32:13 »
Tax dollars at work:
I like the battery placement.

That seat should be buried in the ground and then burned.
$20 USB turntable with "Audacity" software, to convert my classic LPs to .mp3

I've done 14 albums this week, it's a lot of work, but well worth it. I probably should have ordererd a better needle/cartridge, but what the heck, it's just tunes for the shop/truck...

The hard part is carefully splitting out each song then properly filling in the info tag. A bit tedious.

Extra points if you can guess which entire album (both sides) this is-

I left a strong hint...

Don't get rid of your lps. 
Our 4 Wheeled Contraptions / Re: Let's see your pickup trucks
« Last post by Redbird on Today at 00:03:09 »
I was just thinking about ditching the yaris for a pickup of similar vintage.
Yup, that'll suck the reliability right out of the equation :P
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