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They probably have a stock of baffles that are zinc coated and then install them in the muffler before chrome dipping the whole lot. Probably just the cheapest way to make them. Assemble then finish.
Trackers / Re: XS400 cafť/tracker/scrambler
« Last post by 3DogNate on Today at 19:25:29 »
Converting a twin shock to a monoshock is on my list of things to do one day... Keep it up.
Trackers / Re: xs650 Sumotrack
« Last post by 3DogNate on Today at 19:23:46 »
Cool.. that'll work
Just pulled the baffles and wrapped the thin fiberglass layer with a layer of steel wool. Noticed the flakes are all coming from the baffles. Still looks like chrome, but could be zinc. Whatever is is, it  is ALL coming off quick!
Loungin at da club / Re: Post a pic of your latest purchase
« Last post by nateb on Today at 18:05:34 »
2013 KLR! My boss sold me a 2013 KLR w 1200 miles on it for $3000. His kid didnít want it...lucky for me!! I ordered some crash bars, low profile drain plug, and a better skid plate, next Iím getting rid of the stock pegs, windshield and exhaust. This thing is pretty fun!

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Cafe Racers / Re: 75 CB360 - bad omen "yatagarasu" build
« Last post by MiniatureNinja on Today at 17:16:01 »
Yea I dont want it to be a trailer queen but I do want it to look proper. I don't like a rat bike look. As it is I am way behind on the project and dont have time to devote to painting the tank, so its gonna be looking like a rat bike for some time. I did check all my valve and piston clearances today. .060 on the intake and .070 on the exhaust. I have a feeling that's cutting it close to acceptable but it will do for me, running a 50/50 mix of pump and race gas, and the lighter pistons shouldn't stretch as much. Also did a engine mock up because I needed some morale and so I put a couple coats of "looking at it" on the engine as the doghouse guys would say

Looks good, but also noticable wear on the paint and I'm ok with that. When I show up to the bike show next Tuesday it wont look like i just built it. LOL
Cafe Racers / Re: 75 CB360 - bad omen "yatagarasu" build
« Last post by Alex jb on Today at 17:05:48 »
That looks pretty darn good

If you intend to ride the ass off it, itís going to get some wear and tear and chips anyway, a well loved/used bike is a noticeable step away from pristine trailer queen.
Cafe Racers / Re: The Worst Ducati in Dallas
« Last post by rentedshoes on Today at 16:52:09 »
So, a lack of updates does not mean there hasnít been progress. There has been the normal polishing and surfacing and collecting of parts. However, the tail section is what has been preventing any real forward progress.  As you may recall, this is about where we left off. That picture makes the tail look very visually heavy. It's really not.

I figured there were enough pictures and videos of people making molds and generally tinkering with fiberglass. I figured Iíd spare you that process. The cliff notes are that you need to use tons of mold release and that youíll never get back complex curves that are messed up in a mold. Mold #1 went to the landfill and mold #2 was a reasonable success. It isnít much to look at but there was an absolute mountain of hours that went into making that stupid thing.

Yesterday I finally got the courage and materials to attempt MK1 home made carbon seat outer skin. It went reasonably well. The end product parted easily from the mold but left me disappointed. There were far more voids than I would have liked. However, without a vacuum bag or bladder I think it turned out OK. Iíve got some ideas for MK2 that should circumvent all the issues that this product has.


On the shopping list is potentially a vacuum bag or bladder in addition to a roller, a fabric cutter and some wider carbon cloth. 12Ē wide made for some compromises in layup pattern.

Stay tuned. More as it happens!
Trackers / Re: XS400 cafť/tracker/scrambler
« Last post by offroadjeepin on Today at 16:27:12 »
Got this build back on the stand. Working on getting shock mounted and rear sets wrapped up. Will post updates.

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I've got exhaust collars and flanges for 350F. Your post is a little unclear. You're looking for four sets? Or for a set of four?
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