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Re: Trevor Ware
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Done on Tuesday when I saw the post, just didnít feel the need to announce it.
I friend of mine was put in a very similar situation quite a few years ago. He was hit head on at night by a habitual drunk driver. The collision, among many other injuries, amputated his left leg below the knee. He was left in the roadway, bleeding out.
The driver continued for two more blocks where he hit a parked car, disabling his vehicle. When Police/EMTís were dispatched to the second collision, they luckily happened upon Jeremy lying in the roadway. He died once in the ER, and twice more in the week following. Thankfully, he went on to recover, and actually start riding again with the help of an electric shifter.
The drunk was eventually convicted, and for his sentencing hearing, we filled the courtroom with riders. All holding helmets to show the presence. I donít recall the exact sentence the judge imposed. It wasnít the max, but it was close. Jeremy was good with it, and that was good enough for me.
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Re: Trevor Ware
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