Author Topic: Anyone build speedo mounts? Need a solo/center mount for 78 GS550  (Read 455 times)

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Looking for a single mount/center mount bracket for a 78 gs550 cafe project. I have clip ons, so I am trying to mount it to the original triple tree mount for speedo/tach. Anyone make them or know where I can find one. The tach is 61mm. Not sure what the measurements of the original speedo/tach mounts are.

Any help would be much appreciated!
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I don't have an off the shelf solution for your question, but I built my own rubber isolated mounting brackets and have a video of how I did it. Perhaps you might find it useful in designing your own mount bracket and you could build your own. Sounds like a fun project to me. :)

Wishing you happiness, joy and laughter (which shouldn't be difficult since you all own motorcycles).