Author Topic: Dohc Cb750f: possibly a valve issue  (Read 6678 times)

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Re: Dohc Cb750f: possibly a valve issue
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The good thing is, while the bike has been down Iíve had time to think about what I really want to do. I keep coming back back to the same conclusion: cosmetically, I want to change the tail and tank and after that all I care about is function. My problem with the tank is only that the stock one is worn out. It needs a lot of work. The tail is just unappealing to me. The good thing is, the bike actually rides really good.

Iím really needing to focus in on cleaning up the electrical. I feel like lowering the battery down would be better weight distribution, but Iím limited on how much fabrication I can do at the moment. Aside from that, Iíd like to introduce an m-unit. I like the idea anyway. It would be nice to have blinkers and a horn again.

Iím interested in you guys opinions, and experience etc. Iím trying to make the right decisions with this one. Not too many f models available here

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