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1975 KZ400 Noob Build
« on: Aug 22, 2018, 23:50:35 »
Hi all, i've been checking out this forum for quite some time now and while being a rider (scooters/mopeds) for
the past 8 years i decided to upgrade to motorcycles at some point a few years ago. Loved it and decided to
pick up a project bike to learn and restore. Yeah, i know people say its not for everyone, but i'm very interested
in old bikes for some reason so i picked up a 75 KZ400 that was pretty beat up with hopes to get it on the road
in a year or so. This forum is a goldmine for all the technical stuff and troubleshooting guides, so it got me to a
good start.

Shortly after start i decided to document my build progress, so here it is -
Its just a silly website with a bunch of posts as i was going along with the build. It took me a very long time
to get from point A to anywhere close running the damn thing on the road. If you read the last post - the place i used
to work on the bike has suffered fire damage, so i put the project on hold until there's space and time to work on the

Anyways, just wanted to say hi and share my overall (noob) experience with the rest of the community. I've made tons
of mistakes but also learned a lot in the past years. Im sure some of the members here will recognize the photos i've posted

Here's the link again:

Hopefully, i get some spare time to finish up this project, that would be awesome and rewarding.