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For sale: 1975 CB360T, Los Angeles, SOLD
« on: May 14, 2019, 21:35:41 »

Hi all,

I always seem to do better on forums for selling vehicles, too many kickers and people asking if I'll take payments on Craigslist and Facebook (no, I won't take payments).

This is a '75 CB360. Definitely the redheaded stepchild of the 2 pot bikes. It has a 6 speed box, electric + kick starting, and a front disc brake; sort of unusual for such a small displacement.

It originally came from North Dakota, seldom ridden because their riding season is so short. I bought it from a buddy with family up there, and put a few miles on it. Now with my son a year old I'm not riding at all. I could use the space and cash for other projects; like that Bug you see in the background.

This is nearly a stock bike, except for what the PO added: flat bars, cheap mirrors, pod filters, short mufflers. Recently tuned and re-jetted at Garage Co. in Inglewood, runs well. It does have the cam chain tensioner recall performed, as indicated by the stamp on the cover. It's been off the trickle charger ever since we moved so I'll have to dig that out and charge up the battery.

Asking $2250. If you want, I'll throw in any extra gear: cheap Bell helmet, mailorder jacket and gloves, trickle charger. I'm down in Harbor City, Los Angeles. Please message for my number if you would prefer to talk or text. Thanks!

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Re: For sale: 1975 CB360T, Los Angeles, SOLD
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Bike is sold. Thanks all for your interest.