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Re: XS400 cafe build
« Reply #10 on: Apr 25, 2019, 08:08:13 »
Would really love to see some aluminum come out on the tail section. Cuff the fabric a few inches from the back and let some of that metalwork show.

You and me both.  There's foam all the way to tail so I can't just remove the covering.  I have cowling made, spent a month doing it.  But my better half asked me 'why do all your bikes only have one seat?'  Implying she might actually go with me if she could.  So I figure I should have one the stable that will seat two.  That started the seat that's upholstered front to back.  I've been trying to keep it so I could swap the seat/cowl with two-up seat but some of the choices I made to mount the fully upholstered seat complicate that.  So I might have to go the route of a slip on cowling or get creative with how connect the alternate seat/cowl assembly.  Here's a few pics before tank was done that show the tail cowl and a rendering of what the seat might look like with a cowl.

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Re: XS400 cafe build
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Why not two full seats? Not that hard to change, and not that hard or expensive to build. Better than a painful compromise, IMHO.
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Re: XS400 cafe build
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Alright.  Thanks for the nudges.  I was going to put off the solo seat but I have to agree I like the cowling.  Your suggestions made me go try it on again.  I hadn't fit it to the bike since the tank was done.  With out the tank the cowl looks big but I think the balance is okay now that they are both there.  Last pic is a rough rendering of the seat profile I plan.

I will first re-do the head light mount with some curvy stays like the front fender and probably redo the side covers too to streamline them a bit and also get going on the new solos seat pan.

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Re: XS400 cafe build
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Looks great, although I agree it looks just a bit too big compared to the tank. Needs to be about 80% that size and I think it would be perfect.