Author Topic: need help with a 78 honda cb400t balancing chain adjustment  (Read 1983 times)

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i picked this bike up and it had a little tick noise but nothing major at all and most poeple wouldnt even notice it but i figured i would look over the bike over winter so its in tip top shape for next spring....i adjusted and checked the valve with a few of them needed minor adjusting.

Then i went into the right side case to adjust the balancing chain but wasnt sure if i did it right.

right side case:

the adjusting setup: (this is where its set after i played with it)

this is what the chain looks like now:

so this how i set it up....i moved the adjuster hand tight and checked the chain and no slop and tighten the nuts back up...before i close is up is this correct??

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Re: need help with a 78 honda cb400t balancing chain adjustment
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yep... pretty much.

it shouldnt be super tight... about an eighth of an inch or less of slop is fine. just as long as the chain doesnt bind or get caught up and isnt super loose it should work just great.
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