Author Topic: building a better bol d'or - a n d DONE!  (Read 88579 times)

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That motor is beautiful. Pure art...
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nice work so far! I'm diggin it.

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Its quite off but I thought you would appreciate it.

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Oh man, I am in love with that CBX!

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I`m drooling......give us some more!! :P great build!

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man that is wicked
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6 under-seat exhaust pipes. doesn't get much better than that  ;)

nice find.

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6 under-seat exhaust pipes. doesn't get much better than that  ;)

nice find.

Just needs some bullet hole stickers on the tank. Haha. That's a little too much for my taste...

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always a hint of danger. Like a skanky chick at a bar. You know the diseases she has will kill you, but you still want to ride the shit out of her.
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Man I feel a little let down...I was hoping for updates!  Not that the CBX isn't nice.