Author Topic: Are you in the Dirty? (attn newbs)  (Read 28070 times)

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Re: Are you in the Dirty? (attn newbs)
« Reply #90 on: Jun 27, 2013, 23:47:32 »
You can get Yuengling at certain grocers and gas stations.. Maybe find it at certain bars like the Bulldog who has like 60 beers on tap or something ridiculous like that. I have had it before it it is pretty tasty.

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Are you in the Dirty? (attn newbs)
« Reply #91 on: Dec 18, 2013, 14:27:52 »
Ok folks! I think I'm gonna try to put together "regional underground cafe racing circuit!!" I need to gauge how many of yous' guys' would be willing to participate in something like this,I think juke box racing at 2:00am would be cool,but it'd have to have "class confinements"for instance,a half liter class, an equal displacement class,and so on and so forth,a ranking list,call outs ,burn ups. , the whole bit!!! Just trying to get a more analog social scene goin!!whos down?!? Btw I'm workin on an event for the SATURDAY BEFORE THE WALKING DEAD SEASON FINALE' March ,called TON OF THE DEAD,(zombie raid supply run)hoping to get a group of zombies to ride in a group chasing a bunch of slayers then the other way around on the second half, I think we might even do open carry for those proud AR n AK FOLKS,gotta get a consensus on that, i'm located in the Magic city or the "tragic city" (Birmingham Alabama) as it's been coined, and i'm hoping that some of the dirty south crew would be down with this ,y'all  let me know what you think?

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Re: Are you in the Dirty? (attn newbs)
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Hey there. New member from Greensboro, NC. Been riding since I was a kid and still love to. Had a few bikes over the years, still have a few. Everything is a work in progress. I have a 81 Honda GL500 that I ride, was an abandoned bike left in an apartment parking lot by the previous owner, who moved away.  It sat there being stripped  of easily removable parts until it was removed to be scrapped. Luckily this is where it's fate changed.  I call it Project: Left4Dead. It's now a running and rideable machine again, getting another lease on life and the open road. It's rough, unfinished, and a little ugly, like the owner, but reliable and fun.
My next project is a bike that I recived as a gift from my Uncle Billy almost 25 years ago. I rode the bike off road and some on road as well from the age of 11-17. When I went into the Army, I gave the bike to my Brother in law. He and my nephew fixed it up some and played with it until 1995 when he lost interest. Recently after the passing of my uncle, my brother in law called and told me to come get Billy's bike back. It's a 1979 CM400a. Nice little bike that I intend to return to a late 70's cruiser.
Well, that's me, glad to be part of the Dirty South.
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Re: Are you in the Dirty? (attn newbs)
« Reply #93 on: Oct 25, 2018, 10:21:26 »
Madison MS here.

Wife has a 83 XL100s project that I am assisting on

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Re: Are you in the Dirty? (attn newbs)
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Born a stinkin' Yankee (Ohio), but given reprieve and raised in Southern Kentucky. Lived in Tennessee since '79. Just a little North of Knoxville. I can see what they call "devil's triangle" out my back door.
"Love 'em all.... Let God sort 'em out!"