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Backroad bomber has changed to "Backroad Bobber"
« on: Sep 07, 2010, 08:11:19 »
Recieved a basket case 72' CB350 in a swap and I am building for back-n-forth transport using DNR off road regs, like a snomobile.

To check out the legal stuff for INDIANA ORV cycles click around at:

No title for bike...just a legal indiana bill-o-sale, (available to copy online from the BMV!) plates/cycle licence, no turn signals, and no headlight needed during the day,.
This helps out the battery life on these old cb350's, because they don't charge worth crap at idle!) You just need a brake light full time.

Every city/county has different laws, so do some checking in your area before building up a backroad blaster for yourself!

At the start I was thinking tracker....(Ran flat track in the 70's) but after borrowing an old friends xs650 slider' to see if I still had the old stuff in me..... I got a ton of gravel in the nuts...So the fenders get bobbed and left on.

More pics coming as I go!
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